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Friday, 22 June 2012

We're very excited to introduce what we hope will be the start of a new series entitled 'Why I Like' in which we invite a fellow design enthusiast to share with us their thoughts on their favourite chair - what else! We're delighted to get proceedings underway with the person who provided us with the inspiration for this new series, Gerard McGuickin. Gerard is a design writer and interior stylist who champions the aesthetic and adores walnut and grey. His company and blog is Walnut Grey Design, which he describes as "the discerning design blog." 

We're thrilled to be hosting Gerard's words here, and hope you enjoy reading why he likes the Shell Chair just as much as we did.

"If I were a chair, I would aspire to be Hans J. Wegner's CH07 Shell Chair.

I'd describe myself as punctilious: meticulous, conscientious, a perfectionist. I believe in being both styled and personable. I am insightful and sincere in my way of thinking about design.

For me, the Shell Chair personifies all of this and more. It has been designed with the utmost attention to detail, refusing to be anything less than perfect. It has both poise and composure, yet exemplifies what is a finely tuned balance between style and notable comfort. The Shell Chair is able to strike an aesthetic pose whilst at the same time imbuing a sense of calm. It is sincere about its purpose and motivation: to be a great chair.

I consider it important to champion the philosophy of the designer Dieter Rams and his principles of good design. From my perspective, the CH07 meets every one of Rams' principles, including being innovative, useful, aesthetic, long-lasting and having as little design as possible.Hans J. Wegner, a legendary Danish designer, was without exception, a virtuoso and maestro chair designer. In fact, he had more than 500 designs. Wegner designed the CH07 Shell Chair in 1963, placing an emphasis on functionality and aesthetic appeal, both principles being immensely important to my own design ethos. Of Hans J. Wegner's contribution to Danish Modern, it is said that he "integrates exacting joinery techniques and exquisite form... [and] brings an organic, natural softness to formalistic minimalism." (Source: Carl Hansen & Søn).

A great chair is like a piece of sculpture; it is graceful, intelligently designed and timeless. I believe when we see a chair that we love, it will stir up genuine feelings and emotions. After all, great design is nourishment for the soul. It should feel and look desirable; it should comfort and nurture. That is the CH07."

Images: © Carl Hansen & Søn


Friday, 15 June 2012

Images:  Modern Conscience 

have not

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wish these were ours, all ours, and that we'd found them in a skip, or something, and they'd cost us absolutely nothing. We'd then boast about our amazing find right here and make you all green-eyed with envy. But sadly, they're not, and so we can't!


Monday, 11 June 2012

There are elements here that make us a little giddy - namely the splattering of teak furniture and all that delicious black leather.

Images:  bo-laget


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Here's the latest addition to our every expanding family of chairs designed by the infamous Mr Eames.  This one we picked up more for the base than the shell itself, but the electrifying blue hopsack is growing on us.  The shell is relatively new - we can just pick out the year 1989 stamped on the underside - and in super condition, however we can't say the same for the base.  It's doubtful if the cast aluminium 'contract' base is original to the shell, mainly because it appears to have seen so much wear - one of the nylon glides is present only in part, and goodness knows how many layers of dirt and grime we've stumped up for.  But a quick whizz around the interweb (OK, OK, we headed straight over to Manhattan Nest) and we're now completely in-the-know - a little Ajax coupled with some elbow grease should do the trick when we eventually get round to sprucing this baby up!


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