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Monday, 14 July 2014

Finn JuhlFinn Juhl
Photos via House of Finn Juhl

I don't normally venture into fashion but I have to mention it, sort of, in passing … swedish brand COS.  I have a thing for COS, but it's not all about the clothes.  Their store interiors are impeccably furnished - think Wegner, Aalto, Eames, to name but a few. And with COS appreciating timeless design, albeit of a sartorial nature, it's no wonder that taking centre stage among the other designer classics is Finn Juhl's Poet Sofa. And hand in hand with the Poet Sofa one can usually spot the most wonderful little table, almost always casually littered with interesting magazine titles.  Too afraid to ask a member of staff who the table was designed by, it has taken me an age and an infinite number of search terms to track the culprit down.  I should have guessed.  It's another little gem by Finn Julh, this time the Tray Table.

The table, billed as 'a simple understated design demonstrating attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship' fits well with a brand favouring functional design crafted from simple ideas.  So there you have it, a well-thought out and cohesive approach to brand identity on the part of COS and my first - and probably last - fashion round-up!

one nordic

Friday, 11 July 2014

One NordicOne NordicOne Nordic
One Nordicphotos via One Nordic

When first introduced to ONE NORDIC FURNITURE COMPANY, it was the fabric on their KOTI modular sofa that initially caught my eye. The bold textural weave - a knitted 3D effect made entirely from natural components - creates what appears to be an incredibly tactile surface. The overall shape of the sofa, which is made using a combination of feathers and horsehair (which in my opinion is far more superior not be mention robust than foam) is clean and plump.  And then there's the sombre blackish grey, or is it greyish black?  Either way, it's perfect.

But it's not just the Koti sofa that has a story to tell.  One Nordic has embraced the essence of Nordic design - uncluttered functionality in everyday objects - to offer a compact range which incorporates pleasing shapes and a pared down colour palette.  There's no denying that some of their pieces borrow heavily from Aalto, and personally I'd much rather the real deal.  But like most of Artek's furniture, all of One Nordic's designs are sold unassembled.  We're talking flat pack - and that includes the Koti sofa.  Who'd have thought?


classic cool

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Copenhagen Apartment

This is the Copenhagen apartment I referred to in a previous POST … you know, the one that had a living room containing not one but two armshells sitting on cats cradle bases.  For me, it was love at first sight.  And I'm not just talking about the chairs.  I find the simplicity of the entire living space and its furnishings so appealing - cool, classic and understated.  

I'm obviously working hard to recreate this look in my own home.  I've got the armshells, I just need everything else.  Plus higher ceilings!

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