Saturday, 9 February 2013

This post is long overdue, not least because (i) it is now February and I've posted diddly-squat so far this year (ii) what I'm about to write about is already fairly old news. But hey, around here old (but not too old) is good, right! I think I've mentioned BEFORE a relatively new title this side of the pond which goes by the name of MIDCENTURY and bills itself as 'The Contemporary Guide to Modern Living'. For me, the novice midcentury enthusiast, it has become an invaluable resource. Championing the best of modern interiors, furniture and architecture is what the magazine does, but it also provides a thoroughly insightful read - all the way through, cover to cover, and with the requisite amount of eye-candy thrown in for good measure. The magazine is currently a subscription only, bi-annual offering which hits doormats around the world every May and November, so the good news is it's only a few months to go until Issue 05!

As a side note, pages 22/24, Issue 04, A/W 2012 features me, my words, my photograph of my chairs. For reals. No big deal. Whatever. OK, I can't tell you how excited I was and still am about this. I was asked to write a short 'comment' piece in Issue 04 with "the aim of giving a print voice to some of [our] favourite bloggers". I am nestled amongst wonderful company - Gerard McGuickin of WALNUT GREY DESIGN (who wrote a great guest-post HERE) and Katie Treggiden of CONFESSIONS OF A DESIGN GEEK. I feel dizzy reminiscing about how dizzy this whole experience was! I know, so unbecoming of a professional writer, or am I an author now? Either way, I'm published! My life is complete.

I would urge anyone who's anyone to subscribe - whether you're in the know, don't know or think you might want to know more about midcentury design and its designers - I guarantee it will be pocket money well spent.

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